Rethinking research to illuminate our past

What is Living with Machines?

Living with Machines is a research project that rethinks the impact of technology on the lives of ordinary people during the Industrial Revolution.

We want to bring you on the journey with us as we use research and technology to unearth new stories, looking beyond what we currently know to reveal a richer picture of our past.

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Researchers from a range of disciplines are working together to create research methods, tools and data. We aspire to challenge assumptions about how different disciplines can interact and break down academic traditions.



New tools and methods will help us reinterpret history and uncover stories that help to reveal a richer picture of our past. We will collaborate with the wider research community and general public to inform research questions and outputs.


At Scale

There is a vast amount of information available about this period, but it’s been almost impossible to interrogate it at scale. We’ll use data science and machine learning to explore these digitised records.

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