Can you come up with something better than ‘Getting-To-Grips-A-Thon’?

Written by Mia RidgeOctober 8, 2019Comments: 0

What do you call a working session that’s a hands-on, collaborative, multi-disciplinary deep dive into a particular subject, source or technology? My suggestion above is pretty terrible, and we’ve debated but not resolved it in the team – so what’s a better alternative?

‘Hack day’ doesn’t quite describe what we’re doing in these non-competitive sessions. As they don’t necessarily involve writing any code, it might be confusing for people used to the term in other contexts. (It also skates close to re-igniting the ‘hack vs yack’ Digital Humanities debate from a few years back.) However, they are a bit ‘hacky’ in that they might involve trying to repurpose tools designed for a slightly use, or just getting to know how software tools might be used.

Learn-a-thon? Study day? Sand pit?

If you were invited to a day like this, what kind of label would make sense to you?

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