Deep learning reading group

||Written by Daniel van StrienOctober 16, 2019Comments: 0

Keeping up with Natural Language Processing

The Living with Machines project will have many potential uses of Natural Language Processing (NLP). Some already being used include Named Entity Recognition and article classification.  If you have paid attention to the world of NLP research you will know that the past few years have seen major developments in techniques and models being used with many of the standard academic benchmarks being beaten on a seemingly monthly basis. Many of these advances have come as a result of using deep learning. It can be difficult to keep up with this research and pick out what is useful for our project (and other projects working with similar types of data and techniques). To help address this we formed a deep-learning for NLP reading group.

CS 244N

CS 244N is a course taught at Stanford University which makes much of its materials openly available. Within the project, we are currently working through this course together, aiming to meet a couple of times a month to discuss a particular lecture.  Some of the team want to understand every single part of each lecture and implement all of the code exercises. Others want to grasp the main concepts and see how they apply to our project. For everyone, it is a chance to foster a shared understanding which will help the team better understand what is currently possible in NLP.

We hope that reading groups offer one mode for facilitating true collaboration across disciplines. We will keep you posted…


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